Local, independent and family-owned.


Our ethos is: Fresh, Delicious, and Local. It really is as simple as that.


We are family owned and operated, all from Aberdeen.

That's why we are passionate about our city, and making So... a success and a great place for the local people to enjoy.

We wanted to work with the very best ingredients, so we get our meat, bread, ingredients and more from local suppliers, who source from Aberdeen-shire and throughout Scotland.
We’ve shaped our products, services and environment around the ethos of providing better for our customers, and caring about our suppliers and their products.

We wholeheartedly want you to see So… as Aberdeen’s own, nae – as your very own. Come and join us and see what we’re doing and help us become part of a bigger change to Aberdeen. By supporting us, we are eternally grateful you choose to dine in a local venue; you are helping to support a more vibrant and most importantly diverse Aberdeen and Union Street.



Did you know that So... is also available for Private Hire for a range of events? Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.


We are family owned by Aberdonians, and have Aberdeen in our hearts. We have investigated the history of our location on Union Street; once a thoroughfare of busy stores selling high quality goods, Union Street was Aberdeen’s great market street – our building used to be a greengrocer. Over the years, for a variety of reasons, Union Street has been affected by shifts in the economy and trade. Aware of recent concern over Union’s Street’s decline and calls for the rejuvenation of our main street, we wanted to invest in the location and have refurbished our building into a fantastic locally-owned venue.

We took a step forward by taking a step back – lets honour the traditional spirit of Union Street and bring back the bustling thoroughfare famous for quality and community.