Fresh. Delicious. Local.

It really is as simple as that.

All our Meat for

our food is Scottish

We are family owned by Aberdonians, and have Aberdeen in our hearts. We have investigated the history of our location on Union Street; once a thoroughfare of busy stores selling high quality goods, Union Street was Aberdeen’s great market street – our building used to be a greengrocer! Over the years, for a variety of reasons, Union Street has been affected by shifts in the economy and trade. Aware of recent concern over Union’s Street’s decline and calls for the rejuvenation of our main street, we wanted to invest in the location and have refurbished our building into a fantastic new venue.

We took a step forward by taking a step back – lets honour the traditional spirit of Union Street and bring back the bustling thoroughfare famous for quality and community.

Here at So…, we are dedicated to providing ‘better’ for all of

our customers. A better lunch, a better coffee, a better environment, and most importantly, better service. We offer higher quality products from choice sources, with a greater and more honest story.


Our journey is one of knowledge and nurturing. We’ve shaped our products, services and environment around the ethos of providing better for the consumer, and caring about our suppliers and their product. We’ve researched and learned plenty, and take pride in doing it better than competitors.

Our premises back in 'the day'!

The So… team have spent time building healthy working relationships with all of our local suppliers. This means you, our customer, can trust we are only working with the very best suppliers; we are confident we are getting great produce from the most honest and loveliest of local people.


We care passionately about our products. Sometimes it’s simply not good enough to use local produce, or even some of the finest produce that money can buy. Without some love and care, things just don’t seem quite… right. At So…, we have put all our passion, joy and attention into the final product, every time.

We've worked with local supplier Caber Coffee, who have helped us specially create our very own exclusive coffee blend.


You can purchase bags of our exclusive ground coffee and coffee beans in-store!

We wholeheartedly want you to see So… as Aberdeen’s own, nae – as your very own. Come and join us and see what we’re doing and help us become part of a bigger change to Aberdeen. By supporting us, we are eternally grateful you choose to dine in a local venue; you are helping to support a more vibrant and most importantly diverse Aberdeen and Union Street.


Of course, above all, we really care about our customers and what you have to say about us, and all of our products. We truly believe that the only way that we can continue providing ‘better’ is by listening. We hope you’ll leave us some feedback on your visit.


We can’t wait to see you!

From all the team at So…